About Us

Our family lives on our 6th generation ranch, where we spend our days taking care of the land and cattle, driving tractors, fixing fence, schooling children, and running Pure Good.

Pure Good was born out of sheer reluctance by a mom who was tired of reading ingredient labels and being frustrated with "clean skincare" being anything but clean a large amount of the time.

We found ourselves frustrated with companies who had good marketing, but not good ingredients, and we were tired of spending money on products only to have them not live up to the hype.

We never wanted to own a skincare company, we simply started out making tallow in our kitchen to use on our entire family's skin. When we saw the incredible benefits that tallow brought to our skin, we started giving it away to friends and family.

From there it turned into a family business, with our three young children helping to pack orders as they learn the ins and outs of running a business. Turning it into an actual business was actually their idea. When we say that Pure Good is family ran, we truly mean it.

Our tallow comes from cattle that our family takes care of each and every day, and we have the upmost respect and awe for being able to truly handcraft our tallow balms from start to finish.

As we started to grow the company and add more blends of our whipped tallow, our passion for truly clean skincare grew alongside it.

We began to discover that you could get incredible results with your skin while still using natural, clean ingredients.

As we've brought in new products, our dedication and passion to handcrafting the highest quality skincare for your family from ours has never wavered.

We're honored that you trust Pure Good to bring you great skincare products made by our family, for your whole family. 

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